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Mechanical system designed specifically for trading S&P eMini Futures (ES). Traded in 1/4 of a point, this electronic futures contract has a dollar value of $50/point. The system enters a position on average twice each day. This is a day trading system, no overnight positions held.

As a member you will receive an alert each morning before the market opens with instructions for entering a trade. You are guided from entry to exit on all trade alerts. There is never any guessing. Not one of those systems that say "up to 8 points possible...". Profit targets & stops are etched in stone prior to entry and we never make adjustments.

This system follows one of the core trading patterns the market exhibits time after time -- The ZIG ZAG.

For illustration purposes, the chart below shows the ZIG ZAG pattern from October 24, 2005. The trades listed are real trades taken by the ES CTS. The results from the 3 trades netted 12 points. We need to address an obvious condition, this was a spectacular day. We would rather under promise and over deliver than to lead you to believe 12 points is an average day. When you see a service or system that boasts numbers like this on average, you better be wearing boots. The purpose of the chart is to illustrate the pattern. A trending market can be compared to a marathon runner. He starts off strong and maintains a good pace until he starts to run out of energy. Obviously we're talking about a novice marathon runner. He stops to take a break to refuel his system. After a period of time he feels energized and gets back on pace. This time, he's strong willed and goes the "extra mile" to complete the race, perhaps bettering the pace set earlier in the race. This is exactly what a trending market tends to do. As you see below, the S&P started the morning with heavy buying and rallied to approx 1194 before running out of steam. In the market, this steam is actually buying interest. The buying interest simply evaporated and the market was left with selling pressure. Because the trend was strong, this pullback lasted only 20 minutes before buying interest resumed. Notice how the second leg of the rally was more pro-longed than the first. We call this the confirmation move where "bandwagon" traders are jumping on board in the final quarter of the move. By this time we're moving to the sidelines as profits have been secured.


Another ZIG ZAG from October 27, 2005 where the ES CTS captured 8 points.


The ES CTS is fundamentally composed of 3 sub systems. The main component of the ES CTS is its ability to identify the results from the preceeding trade. It then takes the results and intuitively decides which direction and where to enter the market next. If the preceeding trade was a loss then the main focus is on recovery. If the preceeding trade was a win then the main focus of the next trade is preservation. From a trader's perspective, its nice to know that "your back" is covered. From an execution point of view, the entire sequence is provided prior to trade entry. No rushed trades to catch a move. The outline is provided ahead of time like going into Monday night's football game.

Every aspect of the service is real-time. We are online from 8amCT - 3:15pmCT each market day and members can ask questions and receive an immediate response. We're here to help you achieve your goals.

Trade alerts are issued via Yahoo! messenger, email, and trading log (blog).

We offer a no obligation free trial. If you're a serious futures trader looking for proven strategies that can be replicated in the real world, then your first step is to register for the trial. Put us to the test, that is all we ask. If we do not provide as promised, simply walk away.